Welcome to the official Warehouse Panic website!
Warehouse Panic is an arcade-style time management puzzle game made for the GP2x and Wiz hand-held consoles. It is a game that challenges your attention span between key points as you sort the hordes of oncoming crates.

The Setting

The game takes place inside a warehouse. Here, crates are delivered from shipping trucks to be sorted. You are working in this warehouse and your task is to guide all crates to their correct destination based on their color. You can do this by controlling the conveyor belt switches to change the path of the crates to guide them toward the correct gates. When you have sorted all crates, you will advance to the next level. If you send crates to the wrong gates, you will get a penalty. If you botch up and get five penalties, you will get fired and have to start over.
Points are awarded for the distance a crate has to travel, so it is important that you concentrate on those crates who have traveled the greatest distance.


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Easy and intuitive interface using touch screen and stylus
  • Supports GP2x F100 joystick play
  • Isometric graphics
  • Highscore list (with your mom on it)
  • Built in keyboard
  • Volume control